Welcome to A Ruby in the Rough!

     Do you feel like you are trying to juggle everything in life, you are always behind, and you never have time to work on the things that are most important to you?  Or, maybe you are someone with a disability or chronic illness, and you find yourself needing to live a slower-paced life.  Here at A Ruby in the Rough, we understand what it’s like.

     Like you, I have been in both of these situations and reached a crisis where I was tired of always living in overwhelm, and I needed to slow down.  I would love to share with you what the Lord has been teaching me about resting in Him, slowing down, and making time for what is truly important on my Christian journey to slow living.

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Picture of Bible and Mirror labeled Proverbs 31 Study        You are invited to an in-depth Bible study on Proverbs 31! We are going deeper into what the passage means and discussing practical ways you can apply what you learn. Oh, and we talk about doing it simply without getting overwhelmed. 

   Picture of hand holding cell phone above Bible labeled Time ManagementAm I the only one who has trouble managing my time and staying focused on the most important things? No? If that is you, then I hope you will check out these free time management resources.


Picture of handmade greeting cards and envelopes, pens, washi tape, scissors, and stamps labeled Easy Paper Crafts Paper crafting can be a wonderful way to relax and make something beautiful at the same time. If you would like to start a card ministry or do other paper crafts, click here.

Watercolor painting of a girl with red hair in a lavender dress labeled The Ruby Stories

Meet Ruby Randall! Join Ruby and her family as they live life and learn valuable lessons along the way. And who know, you might find that Ruby is a lot like you!

Hymn book with lavender in the shape of a cross labeled Monthly Melody The Monthly Melody is a challenge that we do together here on the blog. Each month I introduce a hymn video, and we watch it throughout the month to learn it. It's a way that we can joyfully praise the Lord together!