I am so glad you are here! Let me introduce myself. I’m Bethany, a Proverbs 31 woman in the making, blogger in this space, and lover of all things paper crafting. That’s why I use my overly-decorated planner (almost) every day! Plus the fact that I am not a naturally organized person.


     On my posts I share lessons the Lord is teaching me in my ever-growing journey with Him. We also discuss crafting, planner accessories, and anything related to home life. You may see crafting tutorials, my feeble attempts at flower gardening (if there is anything to see that is), short stories or poems I’ve written, with an occasional recipe or song thrown in. I love variety, so there will probably be some surprises as you follow along with me!!


     Since you know a little about the blog now, I’ll share a little more about myself. I live with my parents and sister in Texas. In May 2020 I finished an online degree in Elementary Education and certification for teaching English to speakers of other languages. I teach English to children around the world. Besides writing this blog, I have multiple books in the works that I look forward to publishing someday, Lord willing! Sending handmade birthday cards, Bible journaling, scrapbooking, and practicing my tin and bamboo whistles help round out my time.


Let’s wind this up so you can get back to browsing the blog! Here are 10 random facts about my life:

  1. I do tatting, a lacemaking craft made by tying knots.
  2. I have a chronic illness, but God showers me with blessings through it all.
  3. Traveling is another one of my hobbies. I’ve been blessed to be able to visit all the lower 48 states and 15 countries.
  4. I love the colors lavender and light blue.
  5. If it had been available, this blog might would have been named Sincerely Yours.
  6. Drawing is not my strong point, but I would love to learn. Until then, I have learned how to do digital drawing by tracing over photographs.
  7. I’m left-handed.
  8. I do a lot of writing by hand, then type it up.
  9. I’ve been blessed to be able to participate in many Mexico missions trips, and I hope to do more missions work in the future as God leads.
  10. I love girly things, but I don’t mind getting dirty or tramping through the woods.