How to make Christmas special and be cozy for Christmas

Simple Ways to Have a Cozy Christmas

     The Christmas season with all of its joy, coziness, and festivities is here!  It’s the perfect time of year to remember what Jesus did for us and rejoice in His goodness.  Christmas is a time for rejoicing and getting in the Christmas spirit.  But, we all know that sometimes this is easier said than done.  Christmas can often be a busy time of year and end up being more overwhelming than a blessing.  The cozy aspect of Christmas can look impossible to achieve and like just one more thing to put on the to-do list.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  If you are wondering how to make Christmas special and cozy this year without doing something extravagant, then you are in the right place.  I have a few simple, free or inexpensive, ways that you can bring Christmas coziness into your life today!

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

1. Read Christmas Stories

     What can be cozier than curling up under a warm blanket to read a Christmas story?  There’s just something special about a story that takes place at Christmas time.  Maybe you are feeling like this season is too busy for you to sit down and read.  That’s where short stories come in handy!  I have a list of several short stories that I think you might enjoy.  Of course, we have to start out with the real Christmas story!

Luke 2 (Free)

Matthew 1 – 2 (Free)

To Make a Merry Christmas (Free)

Red Boots  (Free)

The Tell-Tale Tile  (Free)

A Christmas Disaster  (99 cents)

Go Tell It  (99 cents)

Snow-Globe World (99 cents)


2. Drink Hot Chocolate

    And what do you need while you are reading?  Hot chocolate of course!  Well, you may not go for hot chocolate, but you need something warm.  It could be hot apple cider, coffee, or tea.  Whatever your drink of choice is, make it and enjoy it! 

     The other evening my sister and I each enjoyed a glass of hot chocolate.  Often I try to stick with tea and steer clear of the carbs and sugar, but the Christmas season only comes once a year.  It’s okay to enjoy yourself if there’s no reason you can’t drink it.  I made a cup of mint hot chocolate from a packet with hot water and heavy whipping cream to make it creamy.  Have I talked you into it yet?  Go get yourself a cup to enjoy while you finish the post!

3. Decorate for Christmas

     Our family has always done very minimal Christmas decorating.  We don’t buy and store a lot of decorations, but what we do have are treasured and loved.  It doesn’t take a lot to transform a room and make it cozy.  If you don’t do any other decorating, you at least need some lights.  They brighten things up on cloudy days and create a glowing atmosphere in the evening. 

A simple strand of lights hung around a window can make all the difference in the world, and it only takes a couple of minutes or so to put them up.  We also have a nativity that we have put out for years.  That and some garland with a few decorations pretty much finishes it out.  So, put out the decor that you love and enjoy it!

4. Listen to Christmas Music

     One of the best things about this Christmas activity is that you can do it along with almost any task.  Whether you are wrapping presents, baking Christmas cookies, or simply going about your daily tasks, you can have Christmas carols playing in the background.  And, it just makes everything more festive!  While I’m typing this, I have Christmas music playing.  Care to join me in listening?

     The Joyful Harps CD is one of my favorites, and I highly recommend it.  Tim Janis and Josh Snodgrass both have multiple Christmas tracks, so be sure to check out some of their others.  Please remember, I don’t necessarily recommend everything on the channels I share.

Hamilton Family Christmas (Free)

Tim Janis Christmas Music (Free)  

Josh Snodgrass Christmas Music (Free)

Joyful Harps Carols  ($10.99)

5. Watch a Christmas Cantata

     So many churches have recorded their Christmas cantatas and put them on YouTube.  Watching these plays is a great way to relax in the evening.  I recommend that if you have time, you watch the first two together.  Start with Christmas at Home as it’s a real tear-jerker.  Then follow it up with Christmas Spirit which is a playful Christian remake of A Christmas Carol.  It’s humorous, yet still has a great lesson.  The other play is a sweet story with a happy ending.  

Christmas at Home

Christmas Spirit

The Greatest Story Ever Told


6. Wrap a Beautiful Present

     It’s true that people are usually more interested in the present than the wrapping.  But, I think it’s fun sometimes to add special touches to presents, don’t you?  It doesn’t have to be hard to be cute.  I recommend using these vintage Christmas gift tags that are for sale in my shop.  They are inexpensive and easy to use.  Simply cut them out (hint: you could watch a cantata while you do this), and you can either punch a hole through them and tie then with string, or tape them to your package.  It can be that simple.

     Other items to make packages unique and special are ribbon and twine.  Wrap these around your present and attach a gift tag.  If you are going to be giving the gift soon, you could tuck in bits of cedar, pine, rosemary, berries, and other greenery and wintery finds from outdoors.

7. Get Out in Nature

     This time of year it’s easy to get so focused on all the things you have to do and forget to go outside.  Whether you live somewhere cold and need to bundle up, or you find yourself without a jacket this winter, take a little time to enjoy the beauty of nature.  Go for a walk.  Focus on the beautiful world that our Lord made.  He came into this world to save you and me.  Reflect on that as you walk.  Remember, Jesus was more than just a baby in a manger.  He grew up and died on the cross as punishment for your sins and for mine.  He died so that we might be forgiven.  Have you asked Him to forgive your sins and make you His child?

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Luke 2:14

8. Spend Time with Family

     All of these activities can be done by yourself and enjoyed.  But, if you are blessed with family around you, why not get them involved?  Among other things, I’ve enjoyed watching Christmas cantatas with my family and wrapping Christmas gifts and decorating with my sister.  Take time to really enjoy the blessing of the people the Lord has placed in your life.  Make some good memories with your family this Christmas season.  Another good family activity is playing games.  Check out this adorable Christmas game that all the family, young and old, can play!

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Simple Takeaway

  1. Slow down and enjoy the season!  Whether you choose to read a book, listen to Christmas music, drink hot chocolate, or all of the above, make sure to enjoy some cozy Christmas moments.
  2. Remember why we celebrate Christmas.  Read the Christmas story and meditate on what Jesus did for you!
  3. Spend time with your family.  Do some Christmas traditions, or maybe even start some new ones.  Be present and focus on the ones you love, thanking the Lord for blessing you with them.

Let’s Chat!

     What are your favorite ways to get cozy and enjoy the season?  What are your family’s Christmas traditions?

     Until next time, Merry Christmas!

In Christ,


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  1. Love this list!!!! I have done 7 out of 8 so far! Need to watch a Christmas Cantata to finish strong.😉

    1. I loved the comment, Rachel!! It sounds like you are having a well rounded Christmas season! 🙂 I hope you manage to squeeze in a Christmas cantata somewhere. Merry Christmas!!!

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