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Ruby Interviews Bethany | The Ruby Stories

     It’s a special day here on the blog! Bethany was tagged by her friend Alyssa, who blogs at Seeking The Timeless Anchor. Bethany wanted me (Ruby) to conduct the interview with her, and I was happy to oblige. So, let’s get past the preliminaries and get started!


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1. Okay, let’s start, Bethany! If you could time travel, where would you go and who would you meet?

     This is a hard one because I could pick so many! I love history and would really enjoy the opportunity to visit most anytime period. But, I guess I would have to say that I would love to go back to Bible days and be here when Jesus lived on earth. Maybe I could meet his disciples and other followers.

     I’d join you for that time travel trip!

Glen Shiel the battlefield where the MacGregors lost their name

2. What is your favorite bookish quote?

     I don’t necessarily have a favorite bookish quote, but a passage that I really like is from Hunting in the Highlands by C. R. Hedgcock. This quote is very meaningful to me because I am a child of the King of kings and a descendant of the MacGregors.

“MacGregor is a kingly name— ’S Rioghal Mo Dhream—Royal is My Race.
But it’s not the most Kingly name. There’s a name that unites both king and
pauper in its service; makes brothers of them all— one family stretching
across countries and lifetimes. A name that is ageless.” He [Jigson] paused. “And can
never be corrupted.
“Being loyal to that name is a challenge, because there are always people
trying to crush those who bear it. Trying to make them change their name, or
hide it, or make it mean something else.
“But it’s the most glorious name. Worth every battle.”
Alistair listened, intrigued, his breath catching. “How can this be true?”
“That yearning inside you for a higher cause, for a meaningful purpose— it
makes sense right here. We’re made to serve the mission of the Captain. The
King that every knee will bow before, Who died to save our lives.”
Alistair’s eyes flicked downward in thought, almost disappointment. “So, this
king . . . is dead?
“Dead? Oh no,” Jigson said, smiling gently. “He is very much alive.”

     I like that quote, Bethany!

3. What is one place in the world you would never visit?

     North Korea. I love to travel, and there aren’t many places where I have no interest in going, so I’ll pick North Korea since it is illegal. If I was to go there, I would be arrested when I came back and have my passport taken away. And I don’t want either one to happen! Without a passport, I could never travel internationally to all the other places I want to visit.

     Sounds like a good reason to me! I wouldn’t want to be arrested and lose my passport either.

The Alamo San Antonio Texas

4. One unique symbol that represents your country/state/province?

     The Alamo! We have more than one symbol that represents Texas, but the Alamo is one of the most special. It represents the courage and bravery of many and how they were willing to give their lives for freedom. “Remember the Alamo” is still a popular Texas saying!

     Definitely a good choice for a symbol. I would love to visit the Alamo someday!

5. Animal that you fear the most?

     I would probably be afraid to encounter some large animals, such as lions or bears, face to face. But, the animal that I actually see and have to watch out for the most is snakes. I’m probably more afraid of our dog getting bit than I am of myself. We nearly lost a dog that was bit by a copperhead. Copperheads are a typical part of life for us here, and we also have occasional water mocassins. I’ve been even more nervous about snakes since a friend was copperhead bit while working in our flower bed. He had to go to the hospital for anti-venom treatments. 

     Ugh. I don’t like venomous snakes either. In some ways, they are worse than a big animal like a bear because they can be right beside you prepared to attack, and you don’t even know it.

Dr. Pepper Museum Waco Texas

6. Do you call it pop or soda?

     I grew up calling it pop because that’s what my parents did. But, I switched when I got older and now usually say soda. I think soda is less of a regionalism. The regionalism term in Texas is coke, not just for Coca-cola products but for any soft drink. I probably say that sometimes too.

     Regionalisms can be so fascinating, can’t they? It’s funny how some of them we take for granted and forget they are regionalisms. We start thinking that everybody does things like that until we get around people who have never even heard of our regionalisms! Oh, and that’s neat that you put up a picture of the Dr Pepper museum!

7. A book that you wish you could have changed the ending?

     I had a hard time coming up with something, even though I think there have been plenty of times when I finished a book and would have liked to change the ending. One book that I decided on is Jessica’s Mother by Hesba Stretton. Lamplighter Theater made an audio drama with the two books about Jessica, and they gave it a much happier ending. 

     That’s neat! I prefer for books to have happy endings and not leave you feeling depressed.

Book on bed under pile of roses

8. Book genre/ trope that you don’t like reading?

     One genre that I don’t typically read much is romance. I don’t mind if there are some elements of romance in a story, but I don’t want that to be the whole plot. Romance is a beautiful aspect of life, but there is so much more to life! It can be made too strong of a focus and make us discontent if we dwell on it too much, especially since it is often portrayed in too perfect a light.

     Relationships are a blessing, but they also come with problems because they are between two flawed humans. If we grow to expect a storybook, happily ever after relationship, we may miss the blessing of the wonderfully imperfect relationship God has for us. Or, we may miss the brightness of our lives as singles. 

     It really is important that we keep a right view of things and don’t get caught up overemphasizing our dreams.

9. One song that drives you crazy?

     Most songs that get stuck in my head! It seems it’s the silly, catchy tunes that do that or songs I’ve heard and don’t like. If it’s a hymn going around in my head, I don’t usually mind unless it goes on too many days.

     Yes, why is it that the songs you don’t want are the ones that often stick?   


10. Favorite type of character to write/ read?

     One of my favorite types of characters to read is the underdog who is misunderstood, mistreated, and rises above the adversity. I haven’t written that type often yet but probably will more in the future. I also like to write unique and eccentric villains. 

     Good choices! 

11. If you could ask your favorite person from history one question, what would it be?

     I don’t have one favorite person from history, but I would love to sit down and chat with Frances Ridley Havergal. I would like to ask her about when she surrendered to the Lord and drew closer to Him. That would be a special opportunity!

     Yes, it would. I would like to be there too if that were possible!

     Okay, it’s time to turn the tables. I didn’t tell you ahead of time, Ruby, but Alyssa did another post where she tagged whoever wanted to do it. I have those questions here for you!

     Oh no. Well, I guess I’ll see what I can do off the cuff!

Watercolor of Ruby with her long red hair, and she is wearing a lavender dress

1. What is one habit that annoys you incredibly?

     Well, I would say that people leaving clutter around and not cleaning up after themselves really bothers me. The bad thing is, I do it too, although I’m trying to do better. I’m also trying to be patient with the others in my family who are untidy at times. 

     It’s so true that often the very thing that annoys us is present in our own lives in some way.

Person studying books2. Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction?

     I like both! I probably spend more time reading fiction when it is just for fun. But, I have to read a lot of non-fiction for school, and I enjoy some of that too. Especially history! I like reading biographies. 

     That’s great that you enjoy non-fiction too!

3. Favorite classic literature?

     My favorite classic series is Little House on the Prairie. I have pleasant memories of my mom reading them aloud to me and of reading them on my own. One time, Amber and I were trying to read through the series at the same time. It was – how should I say it – relationship-building to have to keep taking turns! Now, that’s a fond memory too.

     Oh, I have good memories of my mom reading those books aloud too. She’s read the series to us more than once! And that’s a funny memory you have with Amber!

Brown bear in front of snowy mountains

4. If you could only take one vacation in your lifetime, where would it be?

     Alaska! I really want to go up there and see the diverse wildlife, go hiking in the mountains, and just enjoy the breathtaking scenery. 

     I’m with you there, Ruby! That wouldn’t have been my number one pick, but it’s definitely somewhere I want to go too!

5. What is your favorite season?


Happy Spring

6. Why? (To the above question)

     Oh, because there is new life! The buds come out on the trees and open into tender leaves. Baby animals are born. The flowers bloom. It gets to be warm enough to be outside. And, there is just that special feel in the air when the gentle breeze fans my face.

     It sounds like you really love spring! I do too.

7. Do you know the words to your state’s (or province, etc.) song? (Without looking it up! 😉)

     No, I don’t believe I do. And since I haven’t ever told your readers where I live anyway, I wouldn’t want to put it here if I did know. I like to let your readers imagine that I live somewhere like they do, so I’ll let them keep that image.

     Fair enough! I would have to admit that I don’t know many of the words to Texas, Our Texas. Maybe I should remedy that!

8. What is one chore you despise?

     Washing dishes! I just don’t like that job and never have. Give me a floor to scrub or a dust cloth any day!

     I don’t think I mind dishes as much as I used to, but they will probably never be my favorite either.

9. One chore you love?

     Sweeping! I love cleaning the floors and making them shine. It’s very satisfying. Sweeping the porch is even more fun because I get to be outside in the fresh air!

     Most any job is better outside or with the windows open inside so you can get fresh air!

Sandals on wood background

10. What is one Bible event that you wish you could have seen?

     I wish I could have seen when Jesus healed the man by the pool of Bethesda. After him lying there for 38 years, I can only imagine the joy that man must have felt when Jesus made him whole! To go from hopeless to healed is an amazing thing. It’s what we get to experience spiritually when we come to Jesus!

     We really are like that man, aren’t we? And our spiritual healing is permanent for eternity!

11. Do you prefer the cookie or the creme in Oreos?

     I don’t even have to think twice. The creme!! Yes, I’ve been guilty of scraping it off into a ball to eat last. More often though, I eat one half of the cookie dry first and then eat the other half with all the creme. That way there is a little cookie to balance the sweet.

     Good thinking! Thank you for letting me spring these on you, Ruby! 

     Anytime! Wait, maybe not quite, but I would be willing to do it again sometime.

Let’s Chat!

Would you like to answer any of these questions? I’d love to hear your answers to any or all of them in the comments or on your blog. Tag, you’re it!

In Christ,


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