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Ruby is Here! | The Ruby Stories

     Let me introduce you to Ruby! I have a feeling that she is like you in some ways and different from you in others.  Hopefully, you will find her someone nice to have for a friend. 

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. 

Proverbs 31:10

Ruby Photo courtesy of Agua Marina

Watercolor of Ruby with her long red hair, and she is wearing a lavender dress


     Ruby lives with her family in the country, but they aren’t too far from a good-sized town where they do their shopping and attend a small church.  As far as Ruby’s family, I think they are an average homeschool family of five children. 

     Ruby stays busy finishing her homeschooling and helping out with chores.  Whenever she can, she likes to make crafts, scribble down bits of stories or poetry, and send cards and letters to her friends.  She also tries to spend time working on her friendship with her best friend, Jesus, but sometimes she gets distracted.  Ruby wants to be a Proverbs 31 woman and please the Lord, so she continues to ask God to help her grow and learn.

     So now you have been introduced to my friend Ruby!  What do you think of her?  I hope you like her because Lord willing, you will be hearing a lot from her in the months (and hopefully years) ahead.  We are going to visit her and her family often to find out what is going on in their lives.  Hopefully, you will enjoy spending time with Ruby and will learn along with her as she learns more about God’s plan for her. 

     You can expect to see a short story about Ruby every month or so.  Be on the lookout for February’s story where we will get to meet the rest of her family and see what it is that they are feeling nervous about.  But you don’t need to be nervous because it will just be a fun story for you to read!

A Ruby in the Rough

     I would love to hear what you think of our friend Ruby and this new blog series!

Do you like short stories?  If you have any topics you would like to see covered in this series, please let me know, and you might just get to read a story about your topic!

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  1. This sounds like it is going to be such a fun series! I can’t wait for the first story about Ruby and her family!

    1. I’m really glad you think this series sounds fun! I think it will be a fun one to write. 🙂

  2. This sounds fun! Can’t wait to see what Ruby is like. She already sounds like me. 🙂 I wonder if she or family members are like me and want to start their own business… That would be an interesting topic! To see how God helps them through the startup challenges and getting customers/clients would be very interesting to read!

    Can hardly wait, Bethany! 😀

  3. I really like that idea, Grace! 🙂 I may try to weave that in somewhere. You never know! I hope you enjoy getting to know Ruby more.

  4. I really like this idea, Bethany! I’m sure I will enjoy it. Perhaps Ruby will learn somewhere along the way how to simplify her life! That’s a lesson I need help with… 🙂
    Why do we humans make things so complicated for ourselves anyway?

    1. I’m so happy that you like the idea of the Ruby stories, Agape! That’s a good topic, and one I think will be covered quite often. 🙂 And I need to learn right along with you and Ruby!

  5. I often have the same question and similar ones. Wouldn’t life be more pleasant if we all got along, accepted facts, and didn’t complicate things?
    I’m not one to write such things, but it sounds like an interesting theoretical utopian fiction/discussion book. XD Who knows? It might make a good documentary interview series, too!
    Anyway, great idea, @Agape!

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