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15 Paper Craft Supplies to Inspire Your Creativity

     Could you spend hours browsing the aisles of the craft store and looking at all the beautiful stickers and other embellishments? Me too! But, since we can’t really go shopping together today, then let’s just browse this list and talk about it. Who knows? There’s a good chance you already have some of these items and can expand your list of paper craft supplies without leaving the house or spending a penny!

He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

Paper Craft Supply #1: Paper

     If you’re going to do paper crafting, the first you need is – surprise! Paper! While that’s pretty much a given, it’s still worth mentioning because there are so many kinds of paper and so many things you can do with it. There is plain white cardstock, colored cardstock, brown craft paper, scrapbook paper with beautiful designs, and plain white copy paper. 

     When you are deciding what kind of paper you want to use, consider what aesthetic you are going for. Do you want your project to look vintage? Modern? Glamorous? I love using brown craft paper for making greeting cards. It gives the cards a rustic and natural feel. You can also mix and match papers for variety. Instead of thinking that you always need a lot of extra supplies to give you variety, try focusing on the variety that different kinds of paper can provide!

Paper Craft Supply #2: Paper Doilies

     I love using paper doilies! They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Paper doilies are an easy way to spruce up a project, and they are versatile. The lacy pattern fits well with vintage, rustic, elegant, and other cute styles. They also have the benefit of being inexpensive, since you can buy a lot of them in a pack.

     When I am making cards, I often put a small, white paper doily in the background behind my picture. Sometimes I take a larger, colored doily and use it as a background on a scrapbook page. To save on paper, you can put the doily on the white back of a page to make that one piece of paper double-sided.

Paper Craft Supply #3: Vintage Illustrations

     Vintage illustrations are one of my absolute favorite paper craft supplies to use on cards. And you know what? You can find them online for free! I have downloaded many of these adorable illustrations and printed them out to use on cards. Who can resist a cute illustration of a little girl holding a puppy?

     There are many different websites where you can download these illustrations for free, such as Pixabay. I will say though, as with anything online, you have to be careful browsing, since the search results may not always bring up good things.

     Take one of these cute illustrations, put a paper doily behind it, and you already are close to having an adorable card ready to send!

Paper Craft Supply #4: Vintage Pictures

     Is it just me, or do you find it fascinating to look at old pictures? I was recently in an antique store and found some vintage black and white photographs to look at. Even if I don’t know who the people are, it’s so fun looking at the pictures, the different clothing styles, and the peek into what life might have been like for them in their era.

     So, if you enjoy vintage pictures, why not incorporate them into your paper crafting? Whether you choose to use your own family pictures or find other pictures online (again, search with care), this is an inexpensive way to add character to your project.

Paper Craft Supply #5: Stickers

     Stickers! Need I say more? What is paper crafting without stickers? I’ve loved stickers as long as I can remember. As a child, I had a sticker book where I collected them, and I also used them on mail for my friends. The thing about stickers is that you can find them in almost any theme to fit whatever project you are working on. I also like to keep plenty of versatile stickers, such as flowers and decorative designs, that can be used on most any kind of project.

Paper Craft Supply #6: Washi Tape

     Washi tape is another one of my favorite paper craft supplies! It can be inexpensive since a roll can last a long time. Plus, it has so many uses! You can add rows of it to a scrapbook page, put pieces in the corners of pictures to look like they are holding your picture to the page, and so many more things. I enjoy using strips of washi tape to make dividers in my planner for my monthly goals. Just get you a roll, and let your creative imagination go!

Paper Craft Supply #7: Paper Clips

     This is a paper craft supply you may already have on hand. From plain silver paper clips, to various designs and colors, there is plenty of variety for you to choose from! Paper clips can be clipped onto a picture on either a card or scrapbook to add a cute touch. They can also be used as bookmarks in your planner.

Paper Craft Supply #8: Buttons

      As you can see from the picture, not all buttons are flat enough to use in paper crafting, but there are many that are. These add a unique look to a scrapbook page or card – especially if you are going for a vintage look. Although for that matter, there are plenty of cute, modern buttons that would give your project a totally different feel.

     Maybe you are even blessed to have a relative’s button box. We have my grandma’s button tin, and I plan to use some of them to decorate pages in my scrapbook. If you have sentimental buttons that are flat enough, go ahead and add them to your stash of paper craft supplies!

Paper Craft Supply #9: Sequins

     Sequins can be subtle yet not subtle at the same time. How? Well, they can be very tiny and not add bulk to your page, yet their sparkle can make them stand out and bring your page to life, helping to make it look complete.

Paper Craft Supply #10: Sparkly Gems

     Much like sequins, sparkly gems help to bring some sparkle and shine to your page. They are often bigger and can be used more like regular stickers. In fact, you can buy gems with sticky backs, all ready to be stuck on your page.

Paper Craft Supply #11: Wooden Cutouts

     l find little wooden cutouts to be so cute! And, they are very versatile. You can use them as they come for a vintage or rustic project. Or, you could paint or marker them if you are looking for more color.

     Some of the shapes have so much character and detail of their own that really add a lot to your card or page. Plus, they are usually quite thin, which is a plus.

Paper Craft Supply #12: Paper Punches

     Unlike most of these supplies I mentioned, paper punches can be a bit more of an investment up front, but once you have them, you can make many decorations inexpensively. Punches come in all shapes and sizes. 

     If you punch onto sticker paper, you can make your own stickers. If you want your embellishment to have a pattern, you could punch onto scrapbook paper. 

     One of my favorite shape punches to use is flower-shaped. Once you punch them, you can roll the petals along a toothpick to give them volume and make your flower 3-dimensional. If you would like, you can add a tiny gem in the center. A drop of glitter glue would also work. Voila! You now have created your own beautiful and simple embellishment.

Paper Craft Supply #13: Ribbon

     Ribbon is another inexpensive, versatile, and elegant option! I recently made a lot of cards and tied a bow around or attached on to most of them. Some of them also had rickrack, which is very cute. 

     I’ve also found that if you use thin ribbon, you can punch out a pattern on your paper, thread the ribbon into a needle, and trace that pattern. I want to do some Christmas cards like this where I trace stars, bells, etc., onto vintage sheet music for Christmas carols. So cute!

Paper Craft Supply #14: Brads

     There are many uses for brads. You can put those in the center of a punched flower, put them in the corners of your pictures to make it look like they are holding the picture to the page, or whatever other creative ideas you come up with! 

Paper Craft Supply #15: Puzzle Pieces

     This is an element I am planning to use soon. Yes, puzzle pieces! If you are looking for color and have a puzzle that matches your color scheme, you could attach the puzzle pieces face up. Or, if you are looking for a more rustic, vintage, neutral look, just flip the pieces over. My family recently worked a puzzle that was missing a piece. It was disappointing but not a complete loss because I claimed it for card making!

Simple Takeaway

  1. Choose the theme or look that you are going for, and plan your supplies accordingly.
  2. Start with paper! You can get a lot of variety just with the paper choice.
  3. Add decorative elements and look for things that are unique and you never thought about using before.

Let’s Chat!

     What are your favorite paper craft supplies? Did any of these on the list surprise you?

     Until next time, happy paper crafting!

In Christ,


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  1. Oh, I adore stickers too! My older sister would also decorate envelopes with them when she sent us birthday or holiday cards.
    Ooo, I’ve never thought of using brads or even puzzle pieces! I’m going to have to try that. My younger sister and Mom want to decorate journal pages again this summer, so I’ll have to tell them about your suggestions. Thanks so much, Bethany!

    1. Oooh, another sticker lover! They are fun for so many uses, aren’t they? They do make great envelope decorations and seals.
      I’m so glad I was able to share some new ideas with you! Happy journaling to your mom, and your sister!! Thank you so much for commenting, Lily.

      1. I’m so sorry I missed your reply! My WordPress notifications have been going a bit wonky on me lately lol. (I think I got it straightened out.)

        Yes! I’m always glad to meet a fellow sticker lover (Ooo, or connoisseur! Sounds super fancy)
        Thanks so much! We look forward to getting started soon 🙂

        And thanks for giving my blog a follow 🙂

        1. That’s just fine! It seems like my WordPress notifications are a little off too.
          Oh, sticker connoisseur! 🙂 That’s a great term! I’m definitely one of those.
          You’re so welcome for the follow!

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