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Two Christmas Story Collections for Your Bookshelf

     The holiday season is approaching, and it’s certainly not too early to begin shopping for it! Are you looking for cozy Christmas stories to read leading up to the special day? Or maybe you want to buy some Christmas stories for the book lovers on your gift list. Whatever the case, I have two Christmas story collections for you to check out today!

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

Matthew 2:10

1. A Homewood Christmas

By Courtenay Burden, Erika Mathews, Hannah Gridley, Angie Thompson,

Rebekah A. Morris, and Hannah Foster

Come home to a small-town Christmas through the ages…

The close-knit community of Homewood, Minnesota might not even be a dot on most maps. But from its earliest settlement to the present day, a warm Christmas welcome and a shining Moravian star have been its hallmarks of the holiday.

Step into the bustle of preparations as a young orphan travels an unexpected path to the Christmas he’s longed for and a boisterous flock of cousins learns the eternal secrets of the Christmas fruit bowl. Follow a wintery road with a widowed mother in the shadow of war and a generous aunt trying her best for her family as they search for a place where they truly belong. Slip into the fire glow next to a lonely stranger with a terrible secret and a hometown girl trying to escape past hurts, and watch Christmas light and love warm even the coldest places.

With so many ways to celebrate the season, one reason undergirds them all—and the Christmas stars of Homewood never tire of telling His story!

Star of Bethlehem (Courtenay Burden): As ten-year-old Earnest tries to help his new aunt fit in to the family during the Christmas of 1843, he learns valuable lessons about fitting in himself as he ponders the fact that Bethlehem had no room for his Savior.

The Christmas Fruit Bowl (Erika Mathews): During Christmas 1900, it seems nothing can redeem the holiday for Auntie Beth’s nine nieces and nephew—except perhaps a treasured heirloom that holds eternal lessons about the true Christmas fruit of the spirit.

Room in the Manger? (Hannah Gridley): During World War II, a widowed mother in the big city takes her young children home for Christmas so they can experience a real family Christmas in Homewood, but will they find room in the busy little town?

Home Forever (Angie Thompson): Just before Christmas of 1955, a big-city visitor offers Magda the perfect present for her family—or is it truly what they want after all?

He is Still Emmanuel (Rebekah A. Morris): Aunt Peggy befriends a troubled young woman during the Christmas season of 1985, but can she show her that, no matter what, Jesus is still Emmanuel?

An Auntie for Christmas (Hannah Foster): All seven-year-old Lora wants for Christmas 2013 is for Auntie Jaz to come home–but can old hurts be mended in time for the holiday?

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My sister bought this book for me as a present in 2022, the year the book was released. I read the whole collection during the Christmas season that year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Little did I know that I was in for a surprise. There was going to be a second collection to go with the first one, and I was going to have the privilege of being part of it!

2. Another Homewood Christmas

By Courtenay Burden, Chelsea Burden, Erika Mathews, Bethany M. Griggs,

Rebekah A. Morris, Olivia Godfrey, and Hannah Foster

Come back home to a small-town Christmas through the ages…

From its founding to the present day, Homewood, Minnesota’s open arms always offer a shining Moravian star and a Christmas to remember. Journey with the first family to settle in Homewood as they embark from the East. Stick around when troubles threaten to turn Homewood into another ghost town. Follow a song of hope and an old violin in the aftermath of war. Sit with a hurting couple in need of a Christmas miracle to complete their family. Stay close to a young woman as she struggles to find hope in the midst of rejection. Witness an aunt learning how much family truly means. Visit with a new neighbor who isn’t sure what she is looking for.

Throughout these seven heartwarming stories, watch Christmas light and love transform even the coldest places into a little corner of heaven on earth. No matter what the season may hold, the love of God sent to earth in the form of a human baby always proves abundantly sufficient—and the Christmas stars of Homewood live to testify of His story!

To Follow the Star (Courtenay Burden): Stella Quincey had been so sure this was God’s calling—so sure she was following His path. But when the trail flounders to a dead end in the heart of a winter wilderness, Stella finds herself grappling with doubts. Does God lead—only to abandon His children in their hour of need? Or is there a lesson for Christmas of 1831 that Stella has overlooked from the story of the wisemen and the star?

The Star Over All (Chelsea Burden): Unable to forgive himself for a foolish mistake with far-reaching consequences, Reginald Quincey sees a visit to his mother’s family for Christmas 1875 as a way to escape—perhaps forever. But when a snowstorm and a fascinating stranger turn his plans upside down, will Reg be able to see the lesson hidden in a simple Moravian star?

The Christmas Violin (Erika Mathews): With Faith Aldrich’s twin sister and her violin called overseas and troubling complications threatening to silence all music of the 1919 Homewood Christmas celebration, can Faith find the presence of God sufficient joy for a holiday that even her little daughter will remember forever?

Advent for the Orphan (Bethany M. Griggs): Len Wilson and her family are done with foster care and the pain it always brings. But when a tearful little girl stands on their rug in need of a home, what choice does Len have? Will she be hurt yet again or will a Christmas miracle in 1976 complete their family?

The Prince of Peace (Rebekah A. Morris): For Tricia Tally Wilson, Christmas of 1993 is supposed to be a time of family and joy, but will one more rejection shatter her peace? Or will her Prince of Peace work in unforeseen ways to bring a Christmas she’ll never forget?

Simple Gifts (Olivia Godfrey): Surrounded by her niece and nephews, Leah Peters’ aunt Gwen realizes how much she’s missed her family over the years. After helping dig into memories tucked into a leaky shed, she gets lost in the past. Will the family finally come together in Christmas of 2002 and learn that the future is as bright as the Moravian star glowing at the top of the tree?

Friendship’s Gift (Hannah Foster): Perry wasn’t sure what she was seeking when she inherited her aunt’s old house in 2014. Hidden Treasure? Family secrets? Or just simple answers? When her neighbors volunteered their help, she finds something entirely different than what she was looking for. But maybe it was exactly what she needed and more.

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Did you notice my story, right in the middle of the collection? It was a unique experience being part of this collection and getting to borrow characters from other authors and work together to make sure we were all on the same page. These 13 Christmas stories not only have so much coziness and sweetness, they also have encouraging lessons and point to Jesus, the reason we celebrate.

Let’s Chat!

     Have you read either of these collections? Do they sound like stories you would enjoy curling up with this December?

     Until next time, happy reading

In Christ,


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  1. I’m so excited you got to be published in the second collection! I hope to get both soon, so I can read all the stories. 😀 I really liked Olivia’s. 🙂

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