I Will Give You Rest

March Monthly Melody | 2021

     March is here, and spring is right behind it!  I’m sure ready, what about you?  I really did enjoy a cozy winter with hot tea, puzzles, and family read-aloud time.  For the most part, I also enjoyed the snow and some of the cold, especially when I wasn’t out in it!  But as wonderful as winter was, I’m getting spring fever now.  We had a couple of days of warmth and sunshine that were just enough to be a teaser.

     With spring comes a lot of new things: the first flowers, baby green leaves uncurling, plenty of wind and sunshine, and….a new Monthly Melody.  I hope you are as ready as me to begin learning this new song!

     Our song for March is based on Matthew 11:28-29.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

     Spring can be a very busy time as we begin to come alive after the cold and have new energy to work on things.  There is once again yard work to do, gardens to plant, long walks to take, and so much more that comes with warm weather.  By the end of the day, most of us will be feeling tired. 

     Besides being physically tired, there are things in our lives that make our minds and hearts feel tired.  It could be a concern we have for someone we love, a personal struggle we are facing, temptations, fears, or any other number of things.  Feeling tired is just a natural part of living on this earth. 

     When you feel tired this month, whether physically, emotionally, or any other way, try listening to this song and thinking about the one who is standing with outstretched hands, offering you rest.  If you can, take the time right now to read the words and listen to the video.

Come Unto Me, Ye Weary 

“Come unto me, ye weary, 
And I will give you rest.”
O blessed voice of Jesus, 
Which comes to hearts oppressed!
It tells of benediction, 
Of pardon, grace, and peace,
Of joy that hath no ending, 
Of love which cannot cease.

“Come unto me, dear children, 
And I will give you light.”
O loving voice of Jesus, 
Which comes to cheer the night!
Our hearts were filled with sadness, 
And we had lost our way;
But morning brings us gladness, 
And songs the break of day.

Hymn book lying open to our Monthly Melody and a pillow with a cowboy boot and flowers embroidered on it

“Come unto me, ye fainting,
And I will give you life.”
O peaceful voice of Jesus,
Which comes to end our strife!
The foe is stern and eager,
The fight is fierce and long;
But thou hast made us mighty,
And stronger than the strong.

“And whosoever cometh 
I will not cast him out.”
O patient love of Jesus,
Which drives away our doubt;
Which calls us, very sinners, 
Unworthy though we be,
Of love so free and boundless, 
To come, dear Lord, to thee!


(Disclaimer: While I enjoyed the video of this particular hymn and wanted to share it with you, this does not mean that I endorse every video on this channel.)


     If you would like to see the follow-up post where we discuss this song and what we learned from it, then just sign up, and I’ll let you know when it’s out!


     I know that life can very busy with spring coming on, but I hope that you can take a few minutes each week to work on learning this song with me.  Lord willing I’ll see you very soon with the update!

Let’s Chat!

What are you most looking forward to when spring comes?  Do you have spring fever too?

In Christ,




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  1. Looking forward to learning this hymn, Bethany!!!! Looks like a great one!!!

    1. I’m so very glad to have you learning the hymn with me, Anna! 🙂 It has such beautiful and encouraging words, so I am really looking forward to it too.

  2. Rachel says:

    First time I’ve seen this hymn! Love it!!❤️ Yes, I very much looked forward to spring!! Longer days, warmth, and green grass. ?

  3. I’m so glad you love the hymn, Rachel! I’ve really been enjoying writing the follow-up post for tomorrow.
    Hasn’t spring been wonderful? It’s already so beautiful and green even without leaves on the trees!!

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